Thursday, December 2

things that make me smile!!

As I'm sure you'd all agree this has crossed your mind at some point.. i hope I'm not alone. that there are times when you could jump in front of a car!! (just to be nursed,relaxed&rest in bed for a while!!!! I've been having these moments daily! i wont bore you with the details,
but instead i'll are the hourly sweet moments that truly make me appreciate how lucky i am to have a beautiful family&life.........

Cam & one of his bestie's Tyson playing in the Estuary with their "Boat"

possible views mmm

oh these two mateys melt their mama's hearts indeed!!!

little tootsie's

my Knights mmmm love!!

Love our playcentre,ive been currently given the position as president and am loving it! we have such an amazing group of mums,bubs&tots! really neat place to hang out twice a week.

We are currently working hard on a float for the local Christmas parade,so watch this space and wish us luck..

Cam's new word "fluffy",i wish you could hear how cute he says it tho!! "fuffy".


We love love our local Cafe!! we pop in about every second day for a coffee&fuffy,i worked here full time then part time right up until two weeks before i had Cam. Now im work here just one day a week,and Cam hangs with his dada,and comes to visit mama for a fuffy...highlight of my day!
they do delsih Allpress coffee,freshly made bread,pizza's,stunning salads ect and grow their own lettuce and herbs and source local bacon,ham,cheese and veges ect.... and this is the view!!!!

And the recent highlight Cam's first jandals! he's in love with them!!! actually he's in love with all his shoes!! "shhhoes" "shhoes" "shhoes".. ah bless


  1. beautiful photos Stace, made me so homesick! I hope Eleanor loves her shoe collection as much as Cam does, she has so many already - it would be such a disappointment if she didn't like them! And I hope you are feeling okay! When I come up we'll do heaps of lovely, pamper-y things together! xxx

  2. Wow Stace, I just got some mail from you! You sure are on the ball... and 2 decorations, even!!! Love, love, love them - thanks so much! You have made my day! This swap has been really fun.

    What a lovely post, the setting where you live looks sooo peaceful and serene. Please look both ways before you go crossing any roads! Hope you can get some extra rest & relaxation over the summer.

  3. your cafe is totally in my Top-10 places to visit in NZ. one day.... :)

  4. Looks like theres a little leprechaun at the boatshed!
    Keep ya chin up, summers here!

  5. Oh Stace, if only you could stop and see the view from here.. a richly creative new Mum blessing the lives of all she touches (including many so close to my heart). You are working wonders. Ditto Stella to making me homesick.
    Look at Cam! Ethan is still stuck on the word "no" will be a pleasure when he moves onto other interests such as fluffys and shoes!

  6. beautiful pics stace!!!!!! love the one of cami and tyson awww! also classic jim's with no clothes on at play centre, i was that girl too at her age apparently! x


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